Product #20001

For the FlexCell protocol only. It features:

  • Four stopcock manifold.
  • Continuous-flow compatible tubing and chamber.
  • Three lines for final product extraction.
  • A-800 separation chamber.



# Name Description
1 Initial Line Connects the kit to the initial bag; includes a drip chamber with a 200µm filter
2 Washing Solution Line Connects the kit to the washing solution
3 Resuspension bag Connects the kit to the re-suspension solution
4 Bacterial Filter 3 x 0.2µm sterile hydrophilic PES filters
5 Waste Bags 2 x 5.5 L bags for waste products
6 Pressure Filter 2 x 0.2µm input/output bacterial filters
7 Stopcock Cassette Four stopcocks for eight independent input/output connections
8 Separation Chamber 220 mL spinning chamber enabling the centrifugation and transfer of processed product
9 Drip Chamber Regulates liquid flow through the kit
10 Peristaltic Tube Peristaltic pump compatible tube
11 Sampling Pillow For sampling the final product
12 Final Bag 2 x 250 mL final product bags
13 Final Product Line Connects the kit to a final product bag; includes luer lock
14 Air Port Allows air to be drawn into the separation chamber

Cell processing kit information

Kits are integral to our Cell Therapy systems and provide a sterile and functionally closed environment. The CT-800.1 kit is for single-use only.

Shelf life: Two years from the date of manufacture.

Sterilization: Ethylene oxide.

Material: Standard medical grade PVC, PP, POM, PC, EVA, ABS, and silicone.

Fluid path: Non-pyrogenic

Compatible equipment

Devices: Sefia S-1000

Protocols: FlexCell

Storage requirements

Store kits in a clean and dry environment without chemical or biological contamination within the following conditions:

Mode In operation Storage and transport
Temperature +7 to +27°C +4 to +40°C
Relative humidity 30 to 75%, non-condensing 20 to 75%, non-condensing

Ordering information

Packaging: Individual blisters sealed with a Tyvek® cover.

Minimum order: Box of eight kits (dimensions: 72 x 43 x 35 cm, 28 x 17 x 14 in. )