Product #14307

Our protocol software provides a fully-automated method to separate cellular product into its components in combination with our Sepax Cell Separation System. It enables a reproducible and user independent procedure.

The Adipose protocol is designed for routine processing of digested and filtered lipoaspirate, in order to isolate the nucleated cell fraction which is enriched in stem cells. It allows processing of input volumes up to 420 mL, which include raw adipose, collagenase and buffer.


Key features

Initial volume 30 to 420 mL
Selectable final volume 8 to 150 mL
Processing time after
45 to 60 minutes
ADSC in POST fraction 200,000-400,000 cells/mL
Cell viability >90%


Step Details
1 Wash and digest collected lipoaspirate.
2 Collect the stromal vascular fraction and attach it to a single-use kit.
3 Install the kit on the Sepax.
4 The Sepax automatically performs the procedure including stem cell isolation and enzyme removal.
5 Extract cells via a syringe or a final product bag.

Product features

  • Select the number of wash cycles.
  • Small final volume available, collected directly into a syringe*.
  • Traceability IDs: Use the Sepax traceability kit (barcode reader + printer) to track specific identification criteria.
  • Summary print-out: Print reports at the end of procedures with the Sepax traceability kit (barcode reader + printer).
  • Main user interface available in: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

*Accessory for small final volume option

Use the separation chamber holder for the last steps of the Adipose procedure when collecting the final cells in a pre-connected syringe.

Kit / protocol compatibility matrix

Kit / protocol CS-490.1 CS-470.1 CS-900.2 CS-430.1*
PeriCell x - - x
SmartRedux x - - -
ReadyCell - x - -
NeatCell - - x -
Adipose - - x -

*Maximum initial volume limited to 600 mL.

Ordering information

Adipose: Product #14307

Separation Chamber Holder: Product #6033

Packaging: One box for each protocol, including a USB key with the protocol installed and a user installation guide.