Product #16301

Quickly wash large volumes of cellular products using the Sefia system’s continuous-flow technology. FlexCell is Sefia protocol software that automatically concentrates, washes, and re-suspends cellular products in a washing solution or culture medium. Compatible with the CT-800.1 kit only.

Key features

Initial volume 100 mL to 10 L
Selectable final volume 15 to 400 mL (±4% accuracy)
Bag splits Up to three final bags
Flow rate Up to 10 L/h
Average cell
> 85 %
Multiple sensors Automatically detect the initial volume based on the Sefia’s weight sensors, air level detector, and air bubble detector.
Flexible washing Customize g-force, sedimentation time, pump speed, number of washing cycles, and intermediate volume settings.


Step Details
1 Prepare a compatible kit with a washing solution.
2 Connect the product bags to the kit.
3 Install the kit on the Sefia and start the FlexCell protocol.
4 The Sefia automatically sequences and performs cell:
 • concentration via continuous flow technology.
 • washing.
 • re-suspension and final product splitting as required.
5 Collect the final product.

Protocol software information

Protocol software is integral to our Cell Therapy systems. It allows for an automatic, reproducible, and user-independent procedure.

Compatible equipment

Devices: Sefia S-1000

Kits: CT-800.1

Packaging information

One box for each protocol, including a USB key with the protocol installed and a user installation guide.