Product #14200

Our protocol software provides a fully-automated method to separate cellular product into its components in combination with our Sepax Cell Separation System. It enables a reproducible and user independent procedure.

UCB-HES is a protocol designed for concentrating the nucleated cell fraction from Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) into a selectable final volume of 20-50 mL using Hydroxyethyl Starch (HES) sedimentation agent.

The sedimentation profile of the UCB-HES protocol has been designed to deliver high performances for a wide range of initial product characteristics, with reproducible final volumes.


Key features

UCB-HES features  
Initial volume 35 to 320 mL
Selectable final volume 20 to 50 mL
Processing time ~ 35 minutes
Average TNC recovery 85 to 99 %
Average CD34+ recovery 90 to 99%


Step Details
1 Prepare a kit with the initial product.
2 Install the kit on the Sepax.
3 The Sepax automatically performs the procedure.
3 Collect the final product.

Product features

  • Use both mono stopcock (reduced) or three stopcock (standard) kits.
  • Separation profile customized to each cords’ unique characteristics.
  • Traceability IDs: Use the Sepax traceability kit (barcode reader + printer) to track specific identification criteria.
  • Summary print-out: Print reports at the end of procedures with the Sepax traceability kit (barcode reader + printer).
  • Main user interface available in: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Kit / protocol compatibility matrix

Kit / protocol CS-530.1 CS-530.4/.4b CS-540.4/.4b CS-570.4 CS-570.1m CS-570.4mb CS-570.3m CS-430.1
UCB x x x x x x x x
UCB-HES x x x x x x x x

Ordering information

UCB-HES: Product #14200

Packaging: One box for each protocol, including a USB key with the protocol installed and a user installation guide.